1. Location

To choose only privilege locations is the key pillar of our investment strategy. Our strict selection criteria allow us to acquire solid developments in high demanding locations, assuring us in this way the objective to revalue the buildings in which we work and the urban centers where they are located.

2. Transformation

How can a property or a space be transformed when analysed individually, with all its idiosyncrasies and its unique personality. Each property is different, and each one deserves a custom-made transformation strategy. Technically challenger projects and complex from a planning point of view: historical buildings to which return their essence.

3. Generation

That is the aim of any project: to maximise the value generation. Properties that reposition themselves in the market and that return to profitability and appeal. But at the same time, they become also areas of great interest for the city and its citizens: emblematic buildings and characteristic landmarks of urban architecture that once again shine in all their splendour.

4. Diversification

Opportunities can be found in any kind of estate assets, depending one the cycles and geographical markets. Over these 30 years, we have always bet on diversification: transformation of residencial, office, hotel, retail, industrial-logistic and public equipment assets. The result is a solid portfolio of real estate assets completely diversified, both sectorial and geographically.

5. Experience

More than 30 years with great enthusiasm on transforming properties. A business in which we always look for the maximum excellence. And we apply that to every development: we take care of it from start to finish; we pay attention to every single detail. We enjoy with the value creation of a unique and useful building for the society.

6. Team

Professionals who share a same passion, the enthusiasm for architecture and for well-designed and well executed spaces. We are united by the same spirit of work: seek new challenges and overcome them.

Different fields (investment, development, innovation, partnerships, etc.) that complement each other and interact to give a comprehensive service: from conceptualisation and design to transformation and total management of a property.

Motivation and engagement are the main driving forces of our work centres. It has already been more than 30 years since we have been implementing that everyday and with every project.